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At the Queen Beauty Network (QBN), we are ecstatic to announce our upcoming original series, "Talk of the Crown." This series is not just another pageant show; it’s a dynamic blend of entertainment and authenticity, offering viewers an unfiltered glimpse into the world of pageantry. With a unique twist inspired by the Late Night Talkshow format, "Talk of the Crown" is set to redefine how we perceive and engage with beauty and fashion influencers and top leaders in the pageant industry.

Dani Walker and Luis Portelles, the hosts of the Queen Beauty Network's (QBN) newest original series "Talk of the Crown."

Introducing Talk of the Crown

"Talk of the Crown" invites viewers into the glamorous yet fiercely competitive world of pageantry, offering an unfiltered and candid look at the industry's key players and latest developments. Hosted by the dynamic duo of pageant influencers Dani Walker and Luis Portelles, the show promises to deliver a no-holds-barred discussion on all things pageantry.

Each "Talk of the Crown" episode features lively conversations with today’s most influential figures in the pageant community. From reigning titleholders to renowned coaches, designers, and organizers, Dani and Luis bring together a diverse array of guests who share their insights, experiences, and predictions for the future of pageantry.

But "Talk of the Crown" is more than just glitz and glamour—it's about getting real. Dani and Luis aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions, challenging guests to talk about the highs and lows of their journey in the spotlight. Their refreshingly honest approach provides fans with the transparency they crave, offering an authentic glimpse behind the scenes of an often misunderstood industry.

Whether discussing the latest trends in evening gown fashion, debating controversial judging decisions, or shedding light on the important issues facing the pageant community, "Talk of the Crown" is the ultimate destination for pageant enthusiasts seeking entertainment, insights, and a healthy dose of reality.

Meet the Hosts: Dani Walker and Luis Portelles

Celebrity Creator and Director of UGC and International Correspondence, Dani Walker, the newest Celebrity Creator at the Queen Beauty Network (QBN), and host of the new show, "Talk of the Crown."

Dani Walker, our Director of UGC & International Correspondence, is no stranger to the spotlight. With a career that began at 16, Dani has walked the runway for brands like Louis Vuitton and worked with renowned names such as Kendall + Kylie and Maggie Sottero. Her journey in pageantry is equally impressive, having won titles and coached contestants at various levels. Dani’s expertise extends beyond the stage as she judges, speaks, and creates award-winning content in the pageant world.

Celebrity Creator and host of the new show, "Talk of the Crown," Luis Portelles.

Luis Portelles is a renowned Celebrity Creator known for his captivating online content. His YouTube channel has evolved to include in-depth analysis, interviews, and coverage of major international pageants like Miss Universe and Miss World. Luis brings a unique perspective to "Talk of the Crown," combining his passion for pageantry with a flair for entertainment and enlightenment. His journey in the world of male pageants adds an exciting dimension to his role as co-host.

The Concept: Late Night Talkshow with a Twist

"Talk of the Crown" draws inspiration from the classic Late-Night Talkshow format but with a distinctive twist. Dani and Luis engage guests in lively conversations that almost avoid the pageant world, only to bring it back with a suspenseful and revealing twist. This approach ensures that the show remains engaging, unpredictable, and full of surprises.

Expect candid discussions about the guests' personal lives, hobbies, and passions, followed by a deep dive into their pageant experiences. This format humanizes the pageant stars and provides a refreshing perspective on their lives beyond the crowns and sashes.

The Partnership: Celebrity Creators

In addition to the exciting "Talk of the Crown" format, we proudly introduce our Celebrity Creators. This unique concept allows influencers and celebrities to create exclusive QBN content that is accessible only to our paying subscribers. Dani Walker and Luis Portelles, both accomplished content creators in their own right, are the first to embody this role.

Celebrity Creators will have dedicated segments on QBN where they can share premium content directly with our subscribers. This partnership provides access to unique content that cannot be found anywhere else. It’s an exciting opportunity for fans to engage more deeply with their favorite influencers and gain insights beyond the surface.

Stay tuned for the premiere of "Talk of the Crown," and get ready to experience the world of pageantry like never before. Join us on this journey and discover why when Dani and Luis are on the mic, glitz gets real.

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