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At the Queen Beauty Network (QBN), we are motivated to redefine what pageantry looks like. We are here to empower, encourage, and stand behind the brave, resilient women who put everything on the line for a greater cause.

The Queen Beauty Network Announces Its Newest Series "Pretty Down to Earth" Highlighting the journey of the Miss Earth 2025 contestants on the road to the crown.

“The cause?” There can be many, and the women competing for Miss Earth are dedicated to a life that aligns with environmental advocacy, one that believes in the “preservation of the environment and the protection of Mother Earth.” The 2025 Miss Earth USA pageant, in conjunction with the 25th anniversary of the international program, will embrace a unique spin on the traditional beauty pageant. 

We proudly announce that the Queen Beauty Network will premiere the original series Pretty Down to Earth. This series showcases the behind-the-scenes action, insights, and coverage of the road to Miss Earth USA 2025.

How Pretty Down to Earth Is Revolutionizing the Pageant Industry

The Concept Behind Our New Series

As a production company, we aim to bring viewers a unique side of the pageant world that is not often seen: the preparation, the focus, and most importantly, all of the work that each woman puts in for her potential position as a reigning queen and advocate for a cause. With this series, we hope to bring entertainment and shed light on the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability, as noted by the National Director and QBN’s VP and COO, Laura Clark. By demonstrating these women's courageous acts in vying for this title, we hope to show the world an inside look into their journeys.

It is not always an easy task to represent both something you believe in and where you come from, and we want to empower these women to continue fighting for themselves and their purpose regardless of the challenges they may face along the way. By creating and streaming a series such as Pretty Down to Earth, we at QBN recognize, honor, and value the brave efforts of these women and are standing behind them all at every step of their journey.

Why It Matters

The importance of environmental sustainability and preservation has been a theme worldwide for many years. We recognize that regardless of their background, appearance, or any divisive demographic, society may choose to look at these women through a lens. Yet, many of us are working towards a similar goal. 

Through winning Miss Earth USA 2025, a delegate is now the face of our nation for a global concern. Because this woman is a representative for so many others across the nation, she can act, speak, and lead in honor of many of us who want to carry the same message and impact to others. She stands as a “placeholder” for all the younger generations to follow and a representative for all those who have come before.

It is a great honor to be both a “beauty queen” and an advocate for what the heart feels is right, and this series will allow us to share that message in a way that can reach viewers worldwide.

What to Expect in Pretty Down to Earth

These “Beauties for a Cause” are filmed throughout their journey from the January 2025 preliminaries to the grand finale in the summer of 2025. We highlight a “revamped selection process” showcasing up to 15 national finalists at an on-location challenge in New York for a week-long event. This “workshop” will test the confidence and poise of these brave contestants and allow each of these women to grow into their role of “advocate” under the potential title of Miss Earth USA 2025.

The contestants, or as we like to call them, the VIPs, will receive the ultimate “queen treatment” throughout their time in this process. They will receive their own version of a celebrity lifestyle, complete with high-fashion, red-carpet events, and high-quality “star of the show” experiences and attention.

Support the Journey of the Contestants

Ultimately, one woman will be granted the crown and compete at the esteemed Miss Earth 2025 competition, along with delegates from nearly 100 other countries. These women are committed to being purposeful in an organization that requires true leadership and authenticity in a platform they know will make a difference.

We at QBN invite you to stay tuned on our social media (@thequeenbeautynetwork) and our website for more information on this exciting series. If the Miss Earth USA pageant sounds like a calling in your life, we invite you to register to compete on their website here.

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