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The Queen Beauty Network (QBN) team recently had the pleasure of attending the Miss Vizcaya Swimwear 2024 competition, held at the stunning Sagamore Hotel in South Beach, Miami. This iconic event, seamlessly blending the worlds of modeling and pageantry, showcased some of the industry's most promising talents and provided a unique opportunity for our team to capture the essence of what makes Miami Swim Week a cornerstone in fashion and beauty. As part of our Model Monday series, we’re excited to share our detailed experience and insights from this remarkable event and reflect on the crossover between the pageant and modeling worlds.

Former Miss Vizcaya Swimwear Angel-Marie Strong crowning the new Miss Vizcaya Swimwear 2024 Jada Kelly at the Miss Vizcaya Swimwear 2024 competition at Miami Swim Week.
Former Miss Vizcaya Swimwear Angel Marie Strong crowning the new Miss Vizcaya Swimwear 2024 Jada Kelly.

Setting the Stage: The Sagamore Hotel

The Sagamore Hotel's vibrant atmosphere was the perfect backdrop for the Miss Vizcaya Swimwear competition. Miss Earth USA 2024 Bea Millan-Windorski and Angel Strong, the then-reigning Miss Vizcaya Swimwear Spokesmodel, co-hosted the event. The energy was palpable as we arrived, with the venue buzzing and loud with anticipation.

Co-hosts Miss Earth USA 2024 Bea Millan-Windorski and Angel Marie Strong, the former Miss Vizcaya Swimwear Spokesmodel at the Miss Vizcaya Swimwear competition in South Beach, Miami.
Co-hosts Miss Earth USA 2024 Bea Millan-Windorski and Angel Marie Strong, the former Miss Vizcaya Swimwear Spokesmodel.

Behind the Scenes: Interviews and Insights

Our team was privileged to interview several key figures and competitors before the event kicked off. We spoke with the runway coach, photographer, and model, Kaye Cox, who shared valuable insights into the preparation and dedication required for such a high-profile competition. We interviewed nearly 16 women on the red carpet, including several competitors vying for the Miss Vizcaya title. These interviews provided a fascinating glimpse into the minds of these aspiring models/brand representatives and their unique journeys as they prepared for the competition.

The Miss Vizcaya Swimwear Competition

The Miss Vizcaya Swimwear competition is more than just a pageant; it’s a launchpad for future modeling careers. The competition consists of two parts: online voting and the finals, which include interviews, photogenic qualities, and a fashion show. This year’s event concluded with a spectacular runway show, where contestants showcased their swimwear, provided by Vizcaya Swimwear, and competed for the coveted title.

The competition was fierce, with each contestant bringing their unique flair to the stage. The audience was treated to a dazzling display of swimsuits in various styles and colors. The contestants' confidence and charisma shone through, making it clear why they were selected for this incredible event.

Highlights from the Contestants

Our interviews with the contestants highlighted the crossover between pageantry and modeling, emphasizing the skills and experiences that both worlds bring. Here are some memorable moments:

  • Kennedy Thomas: As a former pageant queen, Kennedy found joy in the freedom and fun of modeling. She noted that her background in pageantry helped her stay poised and confident on stage, blending her experience with a new, spunky attitude.

  • Jonet Nichelle: A former Miss Rhode Island USA, Jonet spoke about the adrenaline rush of modeling. She emphasized the importance of mental health and physical fitness in pageantry and modeling and how staying true to herself helps her shine.

  • Christina Tracy: At 53, Christina’s participation was a testament to the inclusive and redefining nature of the competition. Making it to the top 15, she highlighted the importance of self-acceptance and redefining age norms in modeling and pageantry. QBN’s new original series, “Limitless,” will build on this idea as the Miss USA Organization has lifted restrictions surrounding age, marital status, and more. We are so excited to dive further into this later this week!

  • Lex Lete: A judge for the competition and a former pageant contestant, Lete described the full-circle moment of judging the event. She praised the accomplished women who were competing and shared insights from her experience judging international pageants.

  • Alison Bowles: An influencer and judge, Alison looked for contestants with a strong presence in person and online. She valued confidence and the ability to represent a brand effectively.

The Grand Finale

The event culminated in Jada Kelly's announcement as Miss Vizcaya Swimwear 2024. Jada, a licensed esthetician and model, captivated the judges and audience with charm and confidence. She will represent Vizcaya Swimwear as their spokesmodel, gracing the cover of the 2024 calendar and participating in various modeling opportunities throughout the year. We congratulate her for winning this title and look forward to all the amazing things she will accomplish in this new role!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from The Queen Beauty Network on our website as we prepare for our official launch on July 1, 2024.

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