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The Queen Beauty Network (QBN) team recently returned from an unforgettable experience at Miami Swim Week. This annual event is a highlight in the fashion world, known for showcasing the latest trends in swimwear and bringing together influencers, designers, and celebrities from around the globe. Our team—Dani Walker, Mara Martin (with Vyral PR), Mackenzie Kern, and Chloe Nelson—had the privilege of attending this iconic event, where they captured exclusive content, conducted interviews, and networked with industry leaders. Here’s a detailed recap of our action-packed week.

The QBN team (Dani Walker (L), Chloe Nelson (M), and Mackenzie Kern (R)) at the Modeliste Magazine event at Nikki Beach Miami for Miami Swim Week.
The QBN team (Dani Walker (L), Chloe Nelson (M), and Mackenzie Kern (R)) at the Modeliste Magazine event at Nikki Beach.

Day 1: Ema Savahl’s Show

Wednesday, May 29, marked the start of our Swim Week adventures with a bang. Chloe, Dani, Mara (accompanied by Vyral PR's Helen), Mackenzie and new QBN representative Bre Washington attended Ema Savahl’s stunning show. Ema Savahl is known for her unique hand-painted garments that create three-dimensional textures and optical illusions. Backstage, we had the opportunity to interview models like Tika Camaj (Victoria's Secret), Priscilla Recart (Oh Polly), Georgina Mazzeo, Savannah Gankiewicz (Miss USA), and Katharina Nahlik. The show was a visual masterpiece featuring glimmering pinks, whites, golds, greens, blues, and intricate lacy one-pieces adorned with jewels.

Our interview with Ema Savahl revealed her inspiration: the inner goddesses of the models. She shared her challenges with the paints used in her collection, highlighting her dedication to perfection. We captured exclusive photos and videos, which will be available on our website at launch on July 1.

Day 2: Hunting Hue and Art Hearts Show

Thursday, May 30, was another day of excitement. The team attended the debut show of Hunting Hue at Miami’s Paraiso. Founded by Australian photographer and stylist Rebecca Collinson-Smith, Hunting Hue is known for its sustainable, wearable art. Backstage, we photographed models, designers, and behind-the-scenes moments, capturing the brand's essence. We interviewed Rebecca, who spoke passionately about her journey and the sustainable ethos of her designs.

A model backstage at the Hunting Hue fashion show on the debut night of Paraiso during Miami Swim Week.

On the runway, we saw breathtaking imagery of coastlines, oceans, and beaches. The collection featured drawable kids' swimwear, fun scarves, and elegant one and two-piece designs. Later that evening, we attended an Art Hearts show where Jenna Dykstra, newly crowned Miss Supranational USA 2024, walked for Giannina Azar. Giannina, a Dominican-Lebanese designer, has dressed stars like Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez. Jenna’s interview and photoshoot will also be featured on our website. We also mingled with industry insiders, including a former Miss Earth USA, Danielle Mullins.

Miss Supranational 2024, Jenna Dystra, backstage at Art Hearts in Miami Beach, Florida, during Miami Swim Week 2024.
Miss Supranational USA 2024, Jenna Dykstra, backstage at Art Hearts in Miami Beach, Florida.

Day 3: Nikki Beach Influencer Event and Shan Show

We started the day on Friday, May 31, with an influencer event at Nikki Beach, an iconic South Beach venue. The event, in partnership with Modeliste Magazine and Pixi Beauty, was a fantastic networking opportunity.

We then returned to Paraiso for an exclusive interview with Nathan Gilbert, Shan's creative director. Shan, a Canadian luxury brand, is renowned for its high-quality craftsmanship and sophisticated designs. Nathan shared insights into his creative process and thoughts on presenting at Swim Week. His collection featured royal blues, yellows, magentas, whites, floral accents, mesh, and stunning resort wear. We documented the event with photos, videos, and backstage interviews, capturing the vibrant atmosphere and their beautiful designs.

Day 4: Sports Illustrated Fashion Show

Saturday, June 1, was the grand finale of our Miami Swim Week experience. We dressed and headed to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit show, one of the week's most anticipated events. Although we didn't have scheduled interviews, we mingled with the crowd and met Shan's Creative Director, Nathan Gilbert, learning more about his life and creative inspirations.

The QBN team (Chloe Nelson (L) and Mackenzie Kern (R)) and Nathan Gilbert (Shan's Creative Director) at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit show during Miami Swim Week 2024 at the W Hotel in South Beach, Florida.
The QBN team (Chloe Nelson (L) and Mackenzie Kern (R)) and Nathan Gilbert (Shan's Creative Director) at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit show.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit show was a celebration of diversity and inclusivity. Models like Camille Kostek, Christen Harper, Hunter McGrady, Jena Sims, Achieng Agutu, Brooks Nader, Lauren Chan, Xandra Pohl, Penny Lane, Ellie Thumann, Nicole Williams English, and Alix Earle graced the runway. The swimsuits were designed to fit each model perfectly, showcasing a range of styles from beachy two-pieces to reflective suits and curvy designs with asymmetric neck cutouts. The show highlighted the brand's commitment to celebrating all body types and empowering women.

The Significance of Miami Swim Week

Miami Swim Week is more than just a fashion event; it's a cultural phenomenon that sets the tone for swimwear trends worldwide. Held in the vibrant city of Miami, this event is a convergence of creativity, innovation, and style. For QBN, participating in Miami Swim Week is a testament to our dedication to being at the forefront of the fashion, beauty, and pageantry industries. It provides invaluable opportunities to connect with industry leaders, showcase our brand's vision, and engage with a global audience.

A Week to Remember

Our experience at Miami Swim Week was nothing short of spectacular. From exclusive backstage interviews to mingling with top influencers and capturing the latest trends on the runway, our team was at the heart of the action. This event perfectly aligns with QBN's mission to empower, inspire, and celebrate the artistry and diversity of the fashion, beauty, and pageantry worlds.

Mackenzie Kern of QBN interviews one of the models backstage at the Shan runway show at Paraiso Miami in Miami Beach, Florida..
Mackenzie Kern of QBN interviews one of the models backstage at the Shan runway show.

As we gear up for our official launch, the insights and connections gained from Miami Swim Week will be instrumental in shaping our future content and initiatives. Stay tuned for more fabulous updates from The Queen Beauty Network, and don’t forget to check out our website on July 1 for exclusive content from Miami Swim Week!


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